The Beginning

Victory is the fruit from one woman's refusal to give up. Diana's hyperpigmentation went out of control following excessive invasive procedures deemed 'safe' in the beauty industry. As a result, her skin became very sensitive and vulnerable to the sun and cancer. In desperation, Diana began her journey far and wide to find a cure for her skin.

Nature is our best friend

Living in today's modern world can often cause us to lose touch with nature. By God's grace and faithful guidance, Diana discovered the wonders of nature and its healing purposes for the human body. Indeed, the human body are fearfully and wonderfully created. We are equipped with amazing self-repair & regenerative abilities. Realising the above, Diana sticks to natural ingredients that enhance the body's inner health. After all, the real key to a healthy and youthful skin and hair is a good inner health.


BLC Therapy Is Holistic, Meaning It Can Effectively Treat Health Conditions Such As Chronic Muscular Pain, Rejuvenate The Skin, And Re-Grow Hair Simultaneously.

BLC Therapy is an internationally patented innovation from Australia. Inspired by the ancient European tradition, BLC Therapy harnesses, augments and facilitates the body's inherent self healing and regenerative power. The natural therapy is blissful and absolutely relaxing. The gentle rolling of the ion allows effective, painless infusion of the serum to stimulate regeneration of new cells to replace damaged and aged tissues. Enjoy more than one hour of pampering as your body is being rejuvenated inside and out. There are no adverse side effects or down time since BLC therapy uses natural ingredients and non-invasive procedures.


BLC Therapy uses 100% natural ingredients


Bio-Living Cell (BLC) Therapy is an Australian patented treatment


Bio-Living Cell (BLC) Therapy regenerative treatment



Our Services

BLC Therapy

BLC Therapy by Victory Wellness is holistic, treating the body as whole unit. It rejuvenates the body from the inside out by stimulating regeneration of new cells to replace those which are damaged. This way, BLC Therapy can be used to help many health and aesthetic issues.

EMS Body Treatment

Fix your posture & firm up those stubborn flabs that are painful to tone with normal exercise!

Our Products

Let the goodness of nature enhance and fasten your BLC Therapy results. Victory's products range is packed with goodness of natural extracts designed to boost and deliver result using versatile and simple regime.

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