3 reasons why aging is beyond skin deep and why you should care about it

Aug 09, 2018

3 reasons why aging is beyond skin deep and why you should care about it 

Aging is a complex issue that effects us beyond skin deep. Thinning hair, hair loss, back pain, weaker muscles, weakening eyesight and hearing are just some of the common signs of aging. Steven Austad, expert in Aging, explains that “The thing that unifies them all is that the cells are not working as well as you get older as they were when they were younger.” Yet, many of us only pay extra attention to the visible signs of aging on the skin and strive to combat aging superficially in vain. This is only treating one of the many symptoms of aging rather than addressing its core cause. The best way to treat aging is to address it holistically and to improve your health from the inside out.

3 reasons why aging is beyond skin deep

  1. Your body does not regenerate cells as rapidly
    We don’t live in a vacuum, everyday our body comprising of 10 trillion cells are exposed to 50,000-100,000 damages. The body sustains itself by regenerating new cells to repair and replace those that are damaged and aged. These damages can be caused by ultraviolet exposure, free radicals, stress, poor lifestyle choices, etc. Unfortunately as the body ages, it is not able to regenerate cells as rapidly to repair these damages. This process accumulates, contributing to the changes in our body as we age. Of course, poor lifestyle choices further exacerbate this aging process.

    Above: common signs of aging seen on the skin and hair include: pigmentation, enlarged pores, dull skin, eye bags, sagging skin, wrinkles and thinning hair. See below for the amazing transformation this lady experienced with Bio-Living Cell Therapy!

  2. Symptoms of aging is not just seen on the skin
    Thinning hair, stooped posture, weight gain are just some of the other obvious and equally distressing signs of aging. The scalp grows thinner and drier and this cause the hair to be thin, brittle and easily breakable. For females, the pattern of hair loss is generally widespread across the scalp whereas for males the pattern of hair loss starts from thinning hair on the crown and receding hairline. Many also gain weight and struggle to shed them as their body ages due to lower metabolism. These further prove that aging is beyond skin deep and anti-aging treatment need to be holistic for it to be effective. The good news is that we have a natural and healthy treatment that can holistically and effective rejuvenate your body inside out.

  3. Aging can be felt in the body
    Weaker muscles, brittle bones, weakening eyesight and hearing, back pain and stiffness are just some of the other symptoms that can be felt in your body as it ages. In general, the body is weaker, tired and susceptible to injuries. This illustrates the holistic effect that aging has on your body, emphasizing the need for it to be treated at its core cause rather than superficially.

3 reasons why Bio-Living Cell Therapy is the perfect anti-aging treatment

By now, we have established that aging is a complex and interwoven issue mainly caused by our body’s decreasing ability to regenerate new cells as we age to repair the thousands of damages our body is exposed to daily.

The good news is we have a solution that directly address aging at its core: Bio-Living Cell Therapy or BLC Therapy. BLC Therapy is an award winning technology, developed in Australia and has proven its result in the past 10 years internationally. Here are the three reasons why BLC Therapy is a top-rated anti aging treatment

  1. BIO-Living Cell Therapy is a REGENERATIVE therapy
    What does regenerative therapy mean? It means BLC Therapy stimulates regeneration of new cells naturally to boost your body’s self-repair system, directly addressing the core cause of aging which manifest itself in all sorts of forms on your skin, hair and body. BLC Therapy involves deep and gentle penetration of BLC serum which contain all the natural nutrients the body required to reproduce new cells to rejuvenate and repair broken and aged tissues including hair, skin, scalp, etc. Katrerina (instagram: @katrinniyati), a renonwned model revealed her BLC Therapy "BLC Therapy takes care of my health and beauty...it has reduced my baggy eyes and hair loss" 

  2. BIO-Living Cell Therapy is a HOLISTIC treatment
    BLC Therapy stimulates regeneration of new cells, the building blocks of your tissues, making it effective in not just rejuvenating the skin, but also the hair and body. In fact, BLC Therapy is known to improve your health and wellbeing on the inside so it is reflected in younger skin and thicker hair. See the real life stories below:

    Above: BLC Therapy is the perfect anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and hair re-growth treatment. On both cases above, BLC Therapy strengthened the skin, sooth dryness, hydtrate and plump up the skin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It also reduce eye bags and re-grew hair on both instances. 

    Above: Loss of 8 cm in one time of BLC Therapy and EMS Body Treatment (more info here: 

  3. BIO-Living Cell Therapy is 100% natural and completely non-invasive (reads super relaxing)
    BLC Therapy uses the best of Australian natural goodness to deliver result driven treatments. After all nature is our best friend, right? BLC Therapy is also absolutely relaxing and blissful experience. There is no injection, surgery, or chemical peels. Don’t be fooled, just because BLC Therapy is gentle does not mean it does not produce amazing result equivalent to invasive cosmetic procedures. Ash Quinn, the face behind @ozproductjunkie on instagram explains BLC Therapy was "so super relaxing that I’m fairly sure I feel into that asleep but kinda awake stage quite a few times. I was really impressed with the results." (Read more: http://www.ozproductjunkie.com/2016/06/skincare-victory-blc-therapy.html). Deauvanne, a Sydney mum blogger also looked years yonger in just an hour of BLC Therapy facial "It was the most relaxing and soothing facial treatment that I have ever experienced. I felt so chilled out and calm afterwards and my skin looked amazing! BLC Therapy is also very economical, valued at $200 it’s cheaper than a face lift!" (read more here: http://mamastylista.com/2016/08/how-to-look-years-younger-in-your-lunch-hour-with-blc-therapy-review.html)

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