3 reasons why Victory Wellness is rated as the best hair clinic in Sydney

Oct 23, 2019

In the world of beauty, there is a lot of confusing noise (especially when it comes to hair re-grow), so it is no wonder that there is high skepticism when it comes to hair loss treatments. But, Victory Wellness have earned the trust of many as a reliable hair clinic, winning numerous awards over the years as a result of its transparent team, authentic dedication to deliver real results. In the past two years alone, Victory Wellness is the Finalist of Australian Local Business Award, Whatclinic Patient Service Award, WOMO Customer Service Award.  Here is 3 reasons why Victory Wellness is rated on the best hair loss centre in Australia.

1) Real Results: The proof is in the pudding


After having tried several different types of methods to address my concerns of hair loss including high end hair products, hair vitamins recommended by my GP, Regain and home made remedies - I received no results and my hair was literally falling out everywhere -...
Being super skeptical at first, I really didn’t expect a miracle... after 3 treatments, the hair falling stopped dramatically - To the point where there was only 2-3 strands on the ground.
Gradually baby hair started growing too!!! *jumps for joy!*

Julie Kuchar or Google Review 


See visible results in less than 90 days! Victory Wellness uses natural and healthy treatments like Bio-Living Cell Therapy (BLC Therapy) to produce real visible results. Bio-Living Cell Therapy stimulates cell regeneration to revive dying hair roots, nourish hair follicles, stops hair loss, promote healthy hair re-growth and normalise hair cycle. 

ABOVE: Result in less than 90 days. Though there is no one scalp that is the same, results and progress can be seen after every session. 

ABOVE: All good things take time. Although it takes longer, BLC Therapy ia also effective in treating severe hair loss and baldness

2) The only 100% natural treatment for hair re-grow 

No nasty chemicals. No invasive treatments. 

Victory Wellness's BLC Therapy only 100% natural and healthy healthy ingredients you can feel good about. BLC Therapy addresses the cause of hair loss and hair thinning at its roots, giving you longer lasting result. BLC Therapy works by stimulating regeneration of new cells, boosting your wellbeing from the inside out. This means that BLC Therapy does not just promote heathy hair regrow but can also rejuvenate the skin as well. Have a look at the amazing result below, notice how her skin's complexion improved as her hair density increased as well!

ABOVE: Bio-Living Cell (BLC) Therapy doe not just re-grow hair, but also rejuvenate your skin. Notice the reduced puffiness around the eyes, brighter complexion and improved wrinkles.

BLC Therapy is also proudly Aussie, researced and patented in Australia by Victory Wellness, the exclusive hair clinic providing this treatment. See the video below of what BLC Therapy looks like. Oh, so relaxing! 

3) High Customer Service.

Let's face it, there is no one body that is alike and certainly no one scalp that is alike. That's why a personalised service that truly understand your needs, concerns and your body, is crucial in developing a treatment plan that will work for YOU. Our team is made up of committed individuals dedicated to understand your concerns through consultation we provide for free and find the best treatment plan suited to your needs. 

You can overcome your hair loss naturally and healthily. Book your free consultation with us today and find out how we can help you. Here, you will find out the treatment you need, its frequency and pricing.

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