5 early signs and symptoms of hair loss you cannot ignore

Dec 12, 2018

Hair is a symbol of confidence and elegance, a crown you truly cannot take off. So, it makes sense that hair loss frightens many women and men alike. Here are 5 early signs of hair loss you should know so that you can be aware of it when you do experience excessive hair loss and take appropriate actions before it worsens.

  1. You see your hair strands everywhere
    This is probably the first symptoms people notice… you see you hair everywhere! It clogs up the bathroom when you shower (disgusting imagery, we know! We’ve been there!), you can find it all over the floor, your pillow when you wake up in the morning. It feels like the slightest touch and feel causes your hair to fall. Yes, it’s a scary feeling, we know! But hang in there, we’ve got a solution for your hair loss and its fully natural!
  2. Your scalp is more visible
    As the amount of hair you have dwindle, there is less scalp coverage exposing your scalp. This is more apparent in darker coloured hair where the contrast between scalp and hair colour is greater. The worst feeling is standing under the direct light or direct sunlight, the worst feeling ever. Your scalp reflects the light, exposing it to the whole wide world that you’ve got a serious hair loss issue 
  3. Your ponytail is noticeably thinner than before
    You want to hide your exposed scalp and save every strand of hair from falling, hence you put up your hair in a ponytail. And this is when you realize how much hair you’ve lost since your ponytail has reduced in size considerably.
  4. Receding hair line
    Before you know it, your forehead seems bigger than usual… this could be because your hair line is receding as your hair falls excessively
  5. Scalp and hair get oily quicker
    Excessive hair fall signifies that the health of your scalp and roots are poor. Scalp that is poor in health tend to be dry and malnourished, triggering excessive production of sebum. This is why many females (and males too) with hair loss feel that their hair gets oily quicker, requiring them to wash their hair more frequently than usual.

Yes, we know hair loss is frightening (especially for us females!). We know exactly what you are going through and how you feel. The good news for you is hair loss is not be-all and end-all, it can be overcome naturally using treatments like BLC Therapy that improves your health from the inside out, stimulating healthy hair re-grow.