Beat female hair loss: re-grow your hair naturally with BLC Therapy

Jun 24, 2018

Are you suffering from female hair loss and thinning hair? You are not alone! In fact, female hair loss effects 1 in 2 women and can be seen in women as young as in their 20's. Hair is a female crown of beauty and grace, so it makes sense that excessive hair fall frightens many women. An Australian breakthrough called Bio-Living Cell Therapy is brilliant solution for female hair loss, made with the best from Australian nature, BLC Therapy is 100% natural and has 0% side effects/downtime. In this article, we'll be diving deep into female hair loss, its causes and symptoms and how to beat female hair loss. 

What are the symptoms of female hair loss?

Thinning hair in women is distinct from male pattern hair loss. The first signs of female hair loss can be seen in women as young as 20’s or 30’s. This is usually seen in the widening gap on the centre of the scalp (instead of receding hair line seen in man). The hair does not turn completely bald but generally thinned. You may be experiencing female hair loss or thinning if you notice the following:

What causes hair loss or thinning hair in females?

There are many causes of hair loss in women. More often than not, there are a couple of factors that comes into play in contributing thinning hair in women. Here are some female hair loss causes:

Fight female hair loss with BLC Therapy; 100% natural. 0% downtime or side effects

Bio-Living Cell Therapy is an award winning hair loss treatment proudly made in Australia. It is the best natural treatment for female hair loss because:

  1. BLC Therapy boosts your health and wellbeing, enabling your body to support healthy hair growth
  2. BLC Therapy stimulates regeneration of new cells to repair those that are damaged, reviving dead hair roots and normalising hair follicle functions.
  3. BLC Therapy uses 100% natural ingredients from Australia and is completely non-invasive. This way, BLC Therapy treats hair loss without downtime and does not produce side effects.

ABOVE: BLC Therapy is a proven hair regrowth treatment. The client's hair loss immidiately stopped after the first BLC Therapy session. Subsequent treatments re-grew her hair and restored her original hair line 

ABOVE: BLC Therapy is an effective hair loss and hair re-grow treatment since it stimulates regeneration of new cells, reviving dead hair roots to fight female hair loss. BLC Therapy is 100% natural, has 0% downtime or side effects.

How can BLC Therapy treat female hair loss?

A healthy body is key in promoting healthy and natural hair re-grow. BLC Therapy helps to boost your health by stimulating regeneration of new cells, replacing those that are damaged. This way, BLC Therapy promotes healthy hair re-grow. Have a look at the flow diagram below to see how BLC Therapy works:

ABOVE: Flow diagram of how BLC Therapy can help to treats hair loss 

BLC Therapy involves gradual deep penetration of a serum containing protein, growth factors and other substances that our body needs to regenerate new cells. The serum is penetrated via the ion system, a safe and effective delivery method which does not induce side effects. The combination of BLC serum and the ion system is powerful in helping to naturally regrowing your own hair. This is because BLC revives drained and even dead hair roots, replenishes thinning scalp, activates hair bulbs and nourishes your hair. This, in turn, normalizes hair follicle function, allowing for natural hair regrowth.

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