BLC Hair Re-grow Treatment

Dec 10, 2019

Experiencing hair fall? Stop your hunt for a treatment that works now! BLC Therapy uses 100% Aussie natural, health-enhancing ingredients you can feel good about. (yes, without the nasty side effects or downtime!). Using advanced microcurrent tech, BLC sends 'wake up' signals to dying hair roots, penetrating much needed nutrients required in hair regrowth, strengthening hair follicles and extending hair growth phase to give you fuller and thicker hair.  Stop hair fall by 75%* and increase hair density by 50%* with BLC Therapy. BLC Therapy:

ABOVE: Result after 1 month of BLC Therapy

ABOVE: "BLC therapy is completely natural, non evasive and most effective. After years of using drugs and harsh chemicals on my hair and skin, I am truly happy to have discovered this. Staff are incredible, pleasure to deal with and generous with answering all questions. The results are in the pudding! Glowing skin and healthy hair." Olivia, Google Review.

ABOVE: "My hair is stronger, thicker and not flat. I noticed my scalp is so much healthier too, less oily after BLC Treatment" Pris, 35 year old mum 

ABOVE: BLC Therapy helped to regrow hair caused by PCOS 

BLC Therapy - Relaxing, no pain, yet effective

Sounds too good to be true? Watch here as we discussed BLC Therapy on Channel Seven's The Morning Show:


Other Benefits of BLC Therapy

Go beyond than just saving your hair! BLC Therapy is also a powerful holistic rejuvenation treatment. What does holistic rejuvenation treatment mean? It means BLC Therapy reverses multiple signs of aging such as wrinkles, pigmentation, fluid retention and many more. How? This is because BLC Therapy powerfully stimulates regeneration of new cells to repair and replace damaged and aged cells. See below amazing real results achieved with 0% downtime and 100% natural ingredients.

ABOVE: "I am blown away by the result, after my 3rd session my wrinkles, redness and dry skin faded noticeably. My hair loss caused by a hair dye stopped and I can already see the new regrowth!" 54 year old 

ABOVE: "I suffered from mild PCOS, which unfortunatey caused uncontrollable breakouts and excessive hair fall. I hated looking at myself in the morning covering my monstrous acne! BLC Therapy helped to relax my mind, normalized my hair fall and thank God it got rid of my acne!" Meli, mid-20's

ABOVE: BLC Therapy not only thickened her hair but also faded the pigmentation and de-puff eye bags. 

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With 10 years experience in our belt, multiple awards and years of research, we know what it takes to deliver results you look for. We have been where you are right now, victims of hair loss and we have found a way to get out of it using it natural and healthy ways. Talk to someone who understand the real stuggle of hair loss today through our FREE consultation. Here we will come up with a tailored treatment plan for you since after all, there is no one hair that is the same. Plus, we are gifting you $50 gift card when you book your free consultation below. Looking forward to see you!



*There is no one hair and body that is the same hence result vary per individual. 

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