Join the Victory Wellness Network and be a part of the future of wellness

Jul 03, 2019

Join Australia's award winning wellness centre business with more than 12 years of sucessful track internationally. 

Go beyond than just 'being your own boss', being a part of network mean you will be making making real, long lasting positive difference in people’s life as they become healthier and be the best they can be. 

Get access to the globally patented technology, Bio-living Cell Therapy - the most advanced holistic rejuvenation system that produces unrivalled results such as naturally stopping hair loss and re-growing hair, fighting  visible signs of aging on the skin and many more! (See BLC real testimony here)


1) Free training and access to world-exclusive treatment system of Bio-Living Cell Therapy

Bio-Living Cell Therapy is a true game changer in the wellness industry. Using the best of Australian nature, BLC Therapy enhance the body's self healing power, boosting cell regeneration to fight multiple signs of aging. BLC Therapy is:

BLC Therapy produces undeniable results like the photos show, leaving customers always coming back for more. 

2) No royalty fee and marketing fee

Cashflow is key in all business, that is why we have created a zero royalty and marketing fee system so you can benefit from our proven succesful system with no ongoing costs. We are committed to provide you with ongoing support in terms of business development, system, continuous training. You will also profit from proven successful marketing campaign spread across mass media, social media, internet and personal marketing at no extra cost. 

3) Share our rapid and robust business growth

The wellness industry is booming and growing rapidly driven by the Australia’s prosperous ageing population who are more willing to invest in  their health to improve quality of life and slow down ageing. Our unique and result driven natural treatments and products have cemented strong customer loyalty and propel growth of new clients, spurring robust growth in revenue. 

4) Continuous support and training

With more than 10 year of international experience up our sleeves, we know what it takes to be successful in the wellness industry. With no extra ongoing costs (no royalty or marketing fee) you will benefit from continuous training in customer service, treatment system, business development, marketing, content creation and many more. 

5) No prior experience necessary 

We will teach everything you need to know from developing a successful business down to the know how of BLC Therapy. 

6) Flexibility in choosing your location

We do not need to hold your lease. This gives you more flexibility in choosing the most suitable location for you. Our unique franchise system allows you to convert any space into a beautfiul and inviting wellness centre, in fact our top performing wellness centres are located at the comfort of the franchisee's homes. Our system can help you build a professional, cozy and inviting wellness centre out of any space. Of course, you still want to choose a location that suits your target market and give you lots of exposure. 

The key to youth and wellbeing lies good inner health. Using nature's potent power, we enhance the body's inherent ability to heal itself, without inflicting force or damage. This way, we have found a way where nature and and the human body can work together in perfect harmony to help individuals to be the best they can be. 

Still looking for more information? Please feel free to contact us or head to this FAQ sheet

Make it happen. Next steps

If you are passionate about making real difference and helping other to be well, a bright and rewarding journey awaits. Taking the leap to be your own boss is a big step and we are ready to help you with every step of the way to your success. What are the next steps? Simply contact Meliana through phone 0424171677 or to receive a franchise starter pack and book a non-obligatory meeting.