Peppermint Intensive Hair Treatment Shampoo

Apr 17, 2020

Peppermint Intensive Hair Treatment Shampoo 

The Peppermint Shampoo is a burst of refreshing nourishment for your scalp. The honey like shampoo sends minty sensation that tingles scalp and roots back to life again whilst perfectly cleansing the scalp to control sebum production and prevent dandruff.

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The thick honey like shampoo is packed with nutrients to purify the scalp. The minty sensation sooths senstive scalp, purify scalp of excess oil and dirt to control sebum and prevent dandruff. This in turn will help promote hair regrow and slow hair loss.


Wash hair every 2 days with Peppermint Hair Treatment Shampoo, using a coin sized shampoo solution for each wash. Dilute shampoo with water to form foam and massage to scalp, leaving it for 30-60 secs before rinsing it off. Repeat for a double wash if scalp and hair is very dirty.

Apply Volumizing Hair Mist after wash for best result.

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