Tea Tree Cleansing Gel

Apr 17, 2020

Tea Tree Intensive Cleansing Gel

A refreshing gel cleanser made with tea tree to deeply purify pores, help balance skin and reduce excess surface oil. Removes makeup while leaving skin healthy-looking and visibly clearer. The anti bacterial property of tea tree makes this a perfect everyday cleanser for oily, combination and acne prone skin.

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How it works

Tea Tree is infamous for its anti-bacterial property, making it perfect to clean acne prone skin. The gentle and refreshing wash does not leave the skin dry. This is important because when a cleanser is too strong and removes the natural skin oil barrier, it will exacerbate oiliness since the body will produce extra sebum (or oil) to counteract the dryness). 

How to use

Use PM and double cleanse to remove stubborn makeup. Couple it with Vitamin Serum C or Healing Vitamin E and Care Complex Cream to lock in nutrients and moisture

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