Why is healthy posture important? It’s the key unlocking a healthier you!

Jan 19, 2018

A healthy posture ensure that you give your body to perform at its best. How? Poor posture means the spine is misaligned which then pinches the spinal cord and damages nerves. This can lead to:

If left untreated the pain can develop become chronic pain. Most chronic pain treatment now offers band aid fixes such as pain killer which does not address the underlying cause of chronic pain. Victory Wellness Centre offers Bio-Living Cell or BLC Therapy which is a safe spine treatment. It uses Australian premium natural ingredients to stimulate regeneration of new cells correct posture and fix damaged and aged tissues. Bio-Living Cell (BLC Therapy) is a non-surgical spine treatment and does not have any negative side effects. This makes Bio-Living Cell (BLC Therapy) a great lower back pain treatment, back pain treatment, chronic pain treatment, neck pain treatment, shoulder pain treatment. Victory Wellness Centre is an award winning wellness centre in Chatswood, Sydney. Victory Wellness Centre is also an award winning wellness centre in Bali and Surabaya