Volumizing Hair Mist

Apr 14, 2020

Are you experiencing hair loss?

We all know the best way to stop hair loss is to treat and prevent it as early as possible. Stop hiding your thinning hair and start fixing it!

Prevent and stop hair loss early with this volumizing vitamin Hair Mist, power packed with 100% vegan formula. This minty mist is like a hair perfume

Re-awaken your hair with this volumizing vitamin hair mist made with 100% plant based, cruelty free ingredients. The fast absorbing, non oily formula is like a hair perfume that penetrates scalp to nourish and protect hair root to bring you healthier and fuller hair.

Made by and in Aussie. 100% vegan. Cruelty free.

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How it works

This chemical free Hair Mist has no side effects and works to combat hair loss through multiple ways:

Reviews and Results

Melissa, 25 year old female
sensitive scalp on crown, excessive hair fall

"I have been very busy the past few months and could not fit my regular BLC Hair Regrow session. Due to stress and exhaustion, I noticed my scalp was getting more sensitive and more oily than usual, causing more hair fall when I wash my hair. Thank God for Hair Mist which I can use everyday to treat my scalp and hair loss in between my BLC Therapy sessions!"
Hair scan after 1 month 

Hair volume doubled
Scalp looks clearer, brighter and healthier. Consequently, new strong regrowth can be seen whilst the existing hair are no longer limp, indicating a stronger root within. 
"I'm in loveeeeee. This is the best in the market! I think you da best makin awesome hair mist"  Instagram: @lanabea
"This is my number 1 travel companion" Insta: @mwilsonpanthera

How to use

The non-oily Hair Mist solution is very easy to use (think of it like applying hair perfume full of vitamins to promote regrowth). It is designed so that it is quick to apply with minimal brushing:

  1. Shake well before use to ensure all essential oils is mixed
  2. Spray directly to scalp, especially when hair is half damp after wash
  3. Spread mist to hair strands to seal nourishment and avoid protective Aloe Vera from clumping
  4. Use at least once a day for best result

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