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About BLC

BLC Therapy Is Holistic; Meaning It Can Rejuvenate The Skin Naturally, Re-Grow Thinning Or Balding Hair And help improve posture.

Inspired by the ancient European tradition, BLC Therapy harnesses, augments and facilitates the body's inherent self healing and regenerative power.

BLC is blissful and absolutely relaxing. The gentle rolling of the ion allows effective, painless infusion of the serum to stimulate regeneration of new cells and tissues to replace the ones that are damaged and aged. Enjoy more than one hour of pampering as your body is being rejuvenated inside and out. Escape the hustle bustle of everyday's life to our peaceful clinic and reinvigorate your body with the natural and safe BLC Therapy.

There are no adverse side effects or down time from BLC Therapy since it uses natural ingredients and non-invasive procedures.


BLC Therapy uses 100% natural ingredients


Bio-Living Cell (BLC) Therapy is an Australian patented treatment


Bio-Living Cell (BLC) Therapy regenerative treatment


BLC Therapy involves deep and gradual infusion of serum via the human body's ion system. The BLC serum is 100% natural and is rich in substances required for regeneration new cells and tissues such as protein and growth factor.

The serum is gently rolled on the skin using an ionizer, a non-invasive and safe penetration system to minimize side effects. The rolling of the serum follows the muscular fiber and will generally start from the back, up the shoulder, the head and the face, giving you a complete and comprehensive treatment.

Health Improvement

Bio-Living Cell (BLC) Therapy uses the best of Australian premium natural ingredients and non-invasive method to improve your wellbeing, after all a healthy skin and hair is a product of a healthy body. This is why BLC Therapy is holistic in nature, meaning it can target multiple visible signs of ageing, making it a powerful skin rejuvenation treatment, hair loss treatment, pigmentation treatment and many more.

BLC Therapy stimulates cell regeneration inside out, revitalizing those cells that are damaged and aged. This is why you will feel lighter, more energized and refreshed after each session. 


Skin's Health

Healthy Skin Is A Reflection Of A Healthy Inner Wellbeing.

BLC Therapy by Victory Wellness works from the inside out to address the underlying root cause of the sign of aging and other skin conditions. It optimizes the body’s wellbeing and harnesses its self repair system to enable the skin to behave healthy and young again, delivering long-lasting results.

BLC Therapy involves the permeation of BLC serum which contains substances required by the skin to regenerate new cells such as hyaluronic acid, natural growth factors and protein. Hyaluronic acid is moisture binding agent naturally found in the body. 

The serum is delivered using the body's own ion system to minimise side effects and ensure that the serum reaches deeper skin tissues and beyond. This is why BLC Therapy is powerful in removing scars and pigmentation, while rejuvenating damaged and aged skin as well as producing other health benefits. BLC Therapy also improves blood flow to enhance your skin’s health and immune system to naturally detoxify unwanted substances inside. The natural processes and ingredients mean that there is minimal/no downtime.

BLC Therapy fights multiple visible signs of ageing such as aged skin and wrinkles to pigmentation. It improves the health of your skin from within to improve pimples, acne and deep scars.


Acne is caused by inflammation of hair follicles. This inflammation is caused by overproduction of oil (Sebum). When the skin lacks hydration, the body compensates the lack of water by producing sebum. However, over production of sebum may irritate and inflame the skin which then leads to acne. BLC serum contains hyaluronic acid which is known for its moisture binding capability. This helps to normalize moisture level deep within the skin, preventing over production of oil in the skin.


One of the skin's protective mechanism is producing pigment (melanin) to protect damaged areas. Hyperpigmentation can be triggered by exposure to the sun and excessive invasive cosmetics (as in the case of Miss Sue) or pregnancy. BLC Therapy effectively treats pigmentation by delivering BLC serum straight into target area. This fixes the underlying damage, prevents over production of melanin and improves the skin's health to be more resilient towards the environment.

The combination of BLC Therapy and use of Victory's Care Complex Cream brightened Miss Sue's skin tone, eliminated the pigmentation and diminished her eye bag.

Hair Regrow

It is proven that hair loss and baldness are caused by a wide range of factors, and it is especially sensitive to the condition of your inner health and wellbeing. Hence, the holistic and healing nature of BLC Therapy (Bio-living Cell Therapy) by Victory Wellness makes it the perfect treatment to prevent hair loss and regrow hair naturally. The use of natural ingredients eliminates side effects and downtime. 

BLC Therapy is an absolute bliss, it involves a gradual deep penetration of a serum containing natural protein, growth factors and other substances that our body needs to regenerate new cells. The serum is penetrated via the ion system, a safe and effective delivery method which does not induce side effects, yet powerful in improving blood circulation and stimulating hair follicles. The combination of BLC serum and ion system makes BLC Therapy a potent natural hair loss treatment. Using the best of natural Aussie ingredients and technology, BLC Therapy revives drained and even dead hair roots, replenishes thinning scalp, activates dying hair bulbs, giving you fuller and healthier hair without side effects or down time


Approximately 1 in 2 females will suffer hair loss at some point of their life. Whilst, female hair loss is less apparent than male hair loss, the impact can be more devastating. Hair loss amongst women can be caused by many factors such as stress, hormonal, genetical, poor lifestyle, sickness and many more. The first sign of female hair loss is usually the widening gap on the centre of the scalp (instead of receding hair line seen in man). The hair does not turn completely bald but generally thinned. Women can first notice hair thinning when the scalp becomes more visible, the hair turns greasy quicker, ponytails are thinner and the central divide on the scalp widens.

BLC Therapy is a holistic treatment that boosts your wellbeing from the inside, improving thinning scalp and hair follicles, after all a healthy scalp is the foundation to healthy and strong hair. As seen in the photo below, BLC Therapy sooth sensitive and oily scalp to reduce hair loss and stimulate healthy hair regrow. 


From the age of 30, 1 in 3 males will suffer from hair loss triggered by many factors such as poor lifestyle, stress, stress, genetical reasons.

Male hair loss can be fast progressing hence early treatment and prevention is recommended. The most common male hair loss is male pattern baldness where thinning starts at the top and forehead. 

BLC Therapy is a natural male hair loss treatment that addresses male hair loss inside out, improving the body's wellbeing, promoting healthier scalp and follicles to stop hair loss and promote healthhair regrow as seen in the photo below.