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Is EMS Body Treatment painful? Does EMS Body Treatment induce side effects or cause any downtime?

EMS Body Treatment is not painful. However, you may feel a 'shock' initially when the level of stimulation is increased. EMS Body Treatment has no side effects. However, for individuals who seldom exercise, they may experience soreness the next day as they would after an intense workout.

When can I start to see result? How many sessions would I need?

You can see the result from the very first session, some have been losing 8 cm in one session! However, this does not mean you can over indulge in food, a healthy and balanced diet is also very important.

The number of sessions needed varies between individuals depending on age, health, size, etc. Contact us for FREE consultation so that we can tailor a personalized treatment plan according to your needs.

Is the result permanent?

EMS Body Treatment stimulates your muscles to in a tighten-relax motion, similar to toning exercise. However, there is a couple of key differences between EMS Body Treatment and normal exercise that makes EMS Body Treatment able to produce 3 times faster result than conventional exercise. For one, EMS Body Treatment is able to directly target specific muscle group such as the stomach, inner thighs, arms and bust that can be hard to firm with exercise. (Goodbye thunder thighs and spare tires!)

Secondly, EMS Body Treatment produces results at least 3 times faster than exercise. This is because EMS Body Treatment:

  • continuously stimulate muscles without stopping,
  • able to target deeper muscles
  • our unique body wrapping techniques to help shape curves and restore posture.

EMS Body Treatment and exercise goes hand in hand! You will be able to engage in more physical activiy and exercise as your muscles are strengthened.