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Fix your posture and firm up those stubborn flabs that are hard to tone with normal exercise. 

Victory Wellness combines Electro-Muscle Stimulation technology with natural body wrap techniques to fix posture and firm up muscles.

How does it work?

EMS emits signals to the nerves through pads placed on the skin, causing the muscle to contract and relax. EMS Body Treatment can directly target those stubborn flabs or areas that are seldom used (yes, this means your love handle and thunder thighs!). The continuous stimulation reaches to the deep muscles, achieving results 3 times faster than normal exercise. The powerful contract-relax motion burns the fat as they are metabolised, improves blood circulation, and help to decrease  pain. At the same time, targeted areas will be bandaged tightly with a natural detoxing gel to help contour curves and correct posture. 

There are no adverse side effects or down time from EMS Body Treatment since it uses natural ingredients and non-invasive procedures.

What are the benefits of EMS Body Treatment by Victory Wellness?

Immidiate result after one session of EMS Body Treatment by Victory Wellness:
Above (left): loss of 8 cm on waist. Above (right): loss of 10 cm on waist and bust
  • Contour & firm muscle: Immidiately visible results that lasts. EMS Body Treatment mainly firms up your muscles (whilst fat is metabolized), making your result last for longer. 
  • Correcting your posture: Victory Wellness combines body wrapping and EMS pads placed strategically on certain points to strengthen your muscles. This helps you hold a better posture. 
  • Strengthen your muscle: Athletes like Bruce Lee used EMS technology to train & strengthen muscles. In the sports world, EMS is often used in rehabilitation process during injuries to prevent muscle atrophy. This is why EMS Body Treatment is suitable for the aged or for those who cannot engage in heavy exercise to stay healthy & fit
  • Long term pain relief: The contract-relax rhythm  from EMS current releases muscle tension. A healthier posture will ultimately subside chronic pain. 

Is EMS Body Treatment painful? Is there any downtime or side effects?

EMS Body Treatment is not painful but you may feel a 'shock' initially when the level of stimulation is increased. EMS Body Treatment has no side effects. Individuals who seldom exercise may experience soreness the next day as they would after an intense workout.

When can I start to see result? How many sessions would I need?

You can see the result from the very first session, some have been losing 8 cm in one session! However, this does not mean you can over indulge in food, a healthy and balanced diet is also very important.

The number of sessions needed varies between individuals depending on age, health, size, etc. 

Is the result permanent?

EMS Body Treatment by Victory Wellness firms up your muscles, leaving a more permanent result than other treatments that targets to shed fat. 

What is the difference between EMS Body Treatment by Victory Wellness and normal exercise?

EMS Body Treatment by Victory Wellness produces 3x faster results than normal exercise. This is because:

  • EMS Body Treatment can directly target specific muscle group such as the stomach, inner thighs, arms and bust that can be hard to firm with exercise. (Goodbye thunder thighs and spare tires!) 
  • Continuous muscle stimulation 
  • Unique body wrapping techniques to help shape curves and restore posture.  

EMS Body Treatment and exercise goes hand in hand! You will be able to engage in more physical activiy and exercise as your muscles are strengthened.