"I tried cosmetics with abrasive chemicals offering promises to heal my skin but it only worsened my acne. BLC Therapy is different from common beauty products. It doesn't hurt and doesn't damage the skin. It is natural and repairs broken tissues.

Thanks to Victory Wellness and its caring therapists. Now, the texture of my skin is better, my hair is thicker and my health also improved (I no longer have migraines). This one treatment not only healed my skin but gave me other positive benefits as well!"


Before treatment I had a lot of black spot on my face which is known as mole. And I had this problem for a few years... The result that I receive from this BLC Therapy includes: the disappearance of my black spots, my skin is now clean and fresh and I start to regain my confidence.


The power to rejuvenate the body as a whole can be seen in this case. Miss H suffered from facial eczema which left her skin extremely dry, red, wrinkled. BLC Therapy was able to improve her eczema, rejuvenate her skin (neck and face), restroring her skin's glow and youthfulness. Plus, it re-grew and thickened up her hair. 


The patient suffered pigmentation and aged skin caused by abrasive treatments and exposure to the sun. BLC Therapy was able to improve her skin's health, making it stronger towards the environment. Consequently, her pigmentation disappeared and her baggy eyes improved. Her facial structure also is more symmetrical.


I'm very happy with the result I achieved through BLC Therapy by Diana. It cleared up the pigmentation on my skin. The black eye bag is also gone and my skin feels great! It's supple, smooth, healthier with a natural glow! I also realise that its more resillient towards the environment and the sun. 

The Care Complex Cream also really helped to enhance and maintain my result. 




"The fact that I was already losing my hair at my young age worried me. I tried many different medications, shampoo and treatments in an attempt to regain my hair. It was in this journey of experimentation I came across BLC Therapy from Victory Wellness. I never really thought that BLC Therapy would work, especially after trying many hair products in vain. Yet, BLC Therapy showed a different story and delivered result from the very first treatment. BLC Therapy also made my scalp healthier and stronger"


BLC Therapy by Victory Wellness was able to regrow hair for this patient who experieced hair loss due to hormonal imbalance, weak scalp and stress. BLC Therapy was able to produce long term result and enable her to grow long healthy hair.


"Hair is the symbol of dignity for many women. My hair started to itch really badly before falling rapidly. What's worse is that my hair loss forms round patches on my scalp. Over time, it widened til' I hardly have any hair left. 

I've tried everything and BLC Therapy was my last hope. I am so blessed that BLC Therapy actually works! Now my hair is normal and healthy and those patches never came back"


"I had hair loss which left bald patches at the back of my head. I underwent the hair re-grow program about a year ago. During the program, I could start to see improvement on my hair by the fifth treatment. 

Of course I had side effect! Side effects that are positive… apart from my hair re-growing again, I also feel other positive side benefits like feeling fitter and fresher like how I am now… without realizing straightaway the effect of this therapy also includes making our body healthier and younger"